Au revoir!

I'm moving. I'm going away. I'm leaving.
I've been thinking of that day since a while now, but it's really happening on Sunday.
Next week I'm going to start a all new life, and i feel I'm walking on a tightrope with excitement on my left and anxiety on my right..aaaaaahhhh!!!!

Saying bye to Sacramento is going to be hard and I'm going to miss it a lot.

This city brought me so many gifts, laughs and joy!
I came from having a hard time having a conversation in English as now almost never using my main language anymore. I didn't know ANYBODY and now i can say I have the best friends you can ever ask for and I know pretty much half of this town. I added a "FR" after my name and sometimes dj'd, I got my drivers license, have the best family ever and had amazing experiences.
I'm gonna miss you city of trees!
Your old town, your bars, the heat, the state fair, the river, your crazy parties, your old town, your hipster kids, your restaurants, my boo (sad face)... and the amazing people living here!
But it's time to go, time to discover something else and to start a new life, all over again!

I'm going to enjoy my new roommates, the ocean, the traffic (haha!), going to shows, meeting new peeps, the earthquakes, the weather and the unknown!
I used to watch so many movies taking place in LA and I can't barely realize that I'm going to live there..! I'm ready for the craziness and the surprises...well, i think i am..! haha
Wish me luck and come visit me!

I will miss you so come give me a high 5 and dance with me at Townhouse on Friday, Wallpaper is going to destroy it!

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will haven said...

such a beautiful blog =) have tears in my eyes reading it =( This place will be very different without you, esp your boo...love love love <3