I'm alive

I haven't been posting a lot since I made the big move to LA but I've been so busy!
It took me about 2 weeks to get adjusted to my new way of life. Driving wasn't as big of a challenge as I thought, maybe because Mr GPS has been very helpful and nice to me =)

I also found a job and I'm really happy about it!
You can check it here and also here. I work a lot but it's worth it, the team is fun and I'm learning about many different things.

Since a while now, I have been in love with the brand Insight. They are fun, inventive, the fabrics are great plus they are from Australia and related to the surf/skate culture =)
No surprises, but I really dig their '10 fall line, I feel I could wear/buy anything they have, it's really boho/rock, and I'm realizing I'm putting a lot of /// into this post.

check it out: Insight

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