I LOVE going to watch a movie by myself, it's such a great feeling.
I went to see the infamous Inception on Sunday. I've heard so much about it, I had to see if it was worth the hype.

And yes, I loved it.
Every ten years a movie shows up and will leave an impact, with a new concept, new ideas, and plays with our imagination and our way of seeing things. Inception might be the one.

The action isn't there just to entertain the spectator, the incredible effects aren't there just to show off, but the talent of Inception is definitely the psychology of the characters and the scenario. Pure genius. Brainstorming, full of suspense, sentimental, everything is here and at the right place. The mise en abime brings you in different levels where time gets slower and makes you sometimes feel delirious.
The cast is perfect, (oh Joseph Gordon Levitt... *sigh*) but I think I would have liked to have someone older to play Ellen Page's role... just my opinion. I didn't think she fit in as well as the rest of the other actors and looked a little too young.

But yes, great great movie, I wasn't watching a copy of a movie I've seen 2 months ago and it was very refreshing, to have someone like Nolan who comes up with amazing ideas and thoughts. He shows is talent, again. Since Memento, we know that he loves puzzles, and now he invites us into a maze. A maze of dreams where I loved being lost into.
I left the movie feeling weird, wondering if I was still dreaming or not.
To have such a crazy idea like this one, I wonder what Nolan's dreams look like... and what Freud would have thought about this movie...

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