Chanel likes to stick with their winning teams and it's to our great delight.
Vanessa Paradis started to work with Chanel in 1992 when Jean Paul Goude put her in a bird cage, i was fascinated by that commercial as a kid!
She's still here this season, posing with her dear friend Karl Lagarfeld for the new Coco Cocoon handbag collection (line started last winter with Lily Allen), which is supposed to be more "sportswear" and casual than their usual bags. But believe me, if i had the luck to own one of those bags, i'll for sure never bring it to the gym with me!!!

Vanessa is my idea of perfection, i'm totally obsessed with her. She's absolutely gorgeous, with a unique look and the most beautiful gap between her teeth. She sings, she acts, she's sweet and at almost 40, she still looks like a teenager. Oh, and she's married to someone named Johnny Depp but i guess it's only a detail...

My favorite piece of the collection:

Random PS:
Sorry if the blog is still a little "messy", I just started it and I need to figure where I'm heading still and what to do with it. I've been thinking a lot and I've tons of ideas, so it might get more interesting for you to read as well. I'm trying to combine music, lifestyle, fashion, photos and interviews, and I should have some exciting posts real soon. I'm not trying to make it too intimate and to talk about my personal life, but it's a good way to share my favorites and ideas of the moment. This blog thing experience is still new to me but it has been fun and exciting so far. So thank you for reading it, it keeps me going and motivated!

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