Far away

ok, I miss France like crazy. I miss some faces, friends and family, I miss the food (especially my croissants and cheese!!), the paved streets, the farmers market, seating outside at a café while watching people and gossiping with a friend. i miss deep talking at some friends flat around a bottle of wine...
I miss everything about Paris: Le Marais, Montmartre, Le Baron, the subway (umm not sure about that haha), the lights, my crazy nights out with Seb or Teki...Paris by night is probably the best thing ever...
I miss Bordeaux and going home on La Victoire street at 6am with some drunk friends and some real talk, La Garonne, the small clubs playing live bands, the rock pubs, the tramway, riding my bike all over the city, driving to the ocean, the brunch on the place Saint Pierre...
I miss the Provence, the smell, the Mediterranean, the amazing landscape, ice creams, random nights on the beach, the sound of the cicadas, BBQ and rosé...

I love my life in the US but being so far from what you always knew and grew up with can be a pain sometimes, people get older and I'm not there to laugh with them and share memories, and also when i go back i sometimes feel like a stranger in my own country... weird feeling.
Oh my this is such a depressing post haha!

BUT i had a great weekend in the United States Of America.
I got my topshop order and I'm stoked about it!
I received this beautiful swimsuit
and this tee

I also went to see Converge, probably one of the most genius hardcore band, and it was amazing. People were going nuts, it was like a war with a lot of smiles everywhere.
I'm putting a video so you can get a feel of it but if you're not into that kind of music you might get scared and never come back on this blog again...

I got the new Dead Weather album, Sea Of Cowards. It's great, I feel Mosshart sounds more confident, It's heavy, it's spooky, it's sexual but it's not revolutionary and not very different that Horehound. But it's a good dirty rock/hard/blues sounding record and you should give it a try!

Oh and if you live in the Sacramento area, you should go to this tonight!

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