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After all the time I spend online, I really don't understand how i can miss some important news sometimes..! So after a news update in November, I just learned that Chokebore is getting back together and are touring in Europe right now.

A message from the band:

Hello Chokebore fans,

We are happy to announce that Chokebore are getting back together again to play a handful of shows around Europe!
We're gonna rock you like it's 1997!
More news very soon...

Screaming, little jumps in the air, and at the same time wondering if a US tour is planned.. I tried to twitt the band but i didn't get any answer yet..( and will probably never have one haha!)
Chokebore if you don't know, is a really good band full of emotions who influenced quite a few bands, like Nirvana..! They are from Hawaii but moved to LA, made 6 records of which 2 are masterpieces to me: Black Black and it's A Miracle and then they slipped away leaving sad fans in 2003. However, Troy Von Balthazar, their singer, has a successful solo career with some amazing albums that I'm totally a fan of. I actually named my dog after him, and this, I really hope he will never read it cause it's a big shame..! lol
So unlike Limp Bizkit (!!!), it's a heart warming band reunion for a band with a wonderful voice, beautiful lyrics and guitar parts to die for.
So I'm crossing my fingers for them to traverse the Atlantic but they can take their time cause "I'm not ashamed of what we were, I love the waiting"

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