Happy Easter!

I hope everybody had a great Easter, full of bunnies and chocolate eggs!
Mine was pretty fun, with a birthday party on Saturday and some family time the next day, can't beat that i guess..!
Everything went fine until i started drinking and realized that i had totally forgotten to eat... Well, kids, i'm sure you all already know that, but it's a BAD idea!!! Unless you wanna get baked after 3 drinks...

But even after having a little too much the night before, Colleen and Danielle picked me up at 9.30 to go to the farmers market. Sacramento has a decent size one every Sunday morning but I never got a chance to go so I was pretty curious and excited to check it out. I got some veggies, fruits, and those cute flowers:

It's far from the french farmers markets with their loud voices, smells and their massive amounts of displays but I'll be back next week!

Oh and I finally got my ticket to see Converge May 15th @ Slim's in SF!!! I can't wait to see their last album "Axe To Fall" live, this band is so violent and emotional, it should be a great show.

Tomorrow I'm going snowboarding (life is tough, i know...), i'm late on this but I just got the last K-Os album and it should be a good one to put in my ears while going down the trails =)


CrookOne said...

Lakim Shabazz 1989 =]


Alice said...

haha Daddy Crook knows his tunes =)
Thanks dude, good stuffs!