Sharon Jones La Magnifique

For those who never heard Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, well, I'm excited for you. Because you're gonna discover a wonderful voice and some dope ass musicians. Their music is so influenced by the 60's/70's soul that their compositions sound pretty much exactly like it used to sound 40 years ago.
I saw them for the 1st time at a festival in Bordeaux, the weather was perfect, EVERYBODY was dancing. When I looked on my left, I saw my friend John, who only listened to metal at the time, even shaking his butt, so then i knew something was going on.
The musicians are amazing, (they even collaborated on Amy Winehouse Back To Black) and she's a wonderful singer, but her energy and her positivity really make the difference. I saw them a couple of times after that and i've never been disappointed.
So when I heard tonight they were releasing their 4th album, i just got it and liked it and had to share it =)

Sharon Jones And The Dap Kings
I Learned The Hard Way
2010 Daptone Records

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Poda said...

I agree, a voice slightly broken, it makes me want to drive a Cadillac at sunset with a big hat and glasses 70s that go with !