Reunited and it feels so good

So last night i saw Faith No More.

I think I could stop my post right there because it was so amazing that I don't even know where to start.

I could start by saying that I've been dreaming about seeing Mike Patton since I was 12, he's for me in the category of those people who are a little bit above us, who dont't really exist and who I'm not afraid to call genius. Plus, the dude is so classy, funny and from what I've heard really nice...

So on my way to SF I couldn't contain my excitement; the sensation of being 15 again with cramps in my tummy.
Ummmm and right when I got there in the back of the venue who did I see..? Mr Patton walking into the rear entrance 5 ft from me! The teenager inside of me thought her heart was gonna stop and I couldn't do anything besides looking at him hella dumb with a stupid smile on my face..

When I saw him again arriving on stage with his red suit and his cane, my stupid smile came back and didn't leave me until the end of the show. I was just glued to his every move, that's how charismatic the guy is. Because yes, it was beyond amazing, they played 2 hours and i would have sold my mom for them to play much longer.
Patton's voice and energy is incredible, the musicians are super talented and its really overwhelming that after 12 years, this band comes back but their music is still before their time.

pic @ Richard Haick

We got the infamous Poker Face cover, Ben from Michael Jackson and also the original FNM singer, Chuck Mosley, who got on stage and did 5 songs with the band . The hardcore fans were in heaven, me not so much, his voice isn't that great and I just wanted Patton to grab his mic and to come back.
At the end I even got interviewed for their DVD =)

In brief, it's the type of concert who turns you around and leaves you totally speechless, like after a good movie.
Like a rollercoaster of emotion it was loud and agressive, quiet and weird and then Patton threw himself into the crowd and the energy was back again. Definitely one of the most inspirational and sincere shows I've ever seen and i'm now crossing my fingers really hard for them to go back in studio to save music and offer us another musical gem.

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reyka666 said...

i was just told that they played "Ça plane pour moi" at soundcheck. No one audience ever got to see it...