Dreaming of sunshine

OK, I need to post more, I know. I'm lazy, I know. But I don't wanna write about my everyday life, it'll get real boring, even for my only 2 followers..!
So I'm having an Asahi in my backyard, it's 5.30 pm, the sun is here, a nice little breeze, my dog is chewing is bone frenetically... It could be the right time to post something.

I'm sooo ready for summer and so much happier when the sun is out. Not having to wear a jacket or a cardigan, no socks, no need to bring a coat when I go out, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, cropped tees,...! Heaven! And I'm excited to go swimwear shopping, I already found way too many cool stuffs online, I need to make up my mind. I have a big crush on this baby and I think I'm ready to fall in love:

But I might also cheat on him with this one:

And in the family "only in my dreams but if I could I would", I found this ridiculously awesome brand who has the best swimsuits, limited editions and handmade. Those are my 3 favorite ones of their new collection:

Aaaaaaahhhh I've never been so impatient to be half naked!
Now if I could wear those cuties, lay down, listen to the ocean with a margarita on my side, it would be even nicer. No one has the Genie of the Lamp cellphone..?

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