Don't judge yourself too harsh, my love

There's a series of pictures released by Louis Vuitton for their last FW 2010 show of their models with no make up.
After going to a ton of castings, I've seen a lot of natural model faces, but this picture is still fascinating to me.

Those mug shots are amazing, they show that models, real models, have something definitely different.
And yeah, most women won't recognize themselves looking at models, but that's not the point, you don't need to always see yourself in everything you look at, i don't make a parallel with my life when I look at a Basquiat painting, or when I see a movie.
Those women are unusual, different, beautiful for some, aliens for others. They don't look like playmates and most guys will probably think those girls are not attractive, but they have an interesting look, which to me is way more important and actually more attractive than the bimbo look. We are such in a culture where everything and everybody has to be perfect, and it gets boring. But fashion, art, music taste definitely better when it's interesting and when the standards aren't respected.

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