Garden Party

I'm in love with the new H&M Garden Collection. I'm soooo ready for spring and summer, and seeing all those flowers and light materials for such a great deal makes me wanna buy everything! I think it's out in couple weeks, so see you there..!

Besides the fact that i wish i didn't have to save money and could use my all paycheck in clothes, last night i visited my friend Rafik photo studio and the spot was awesome but so creepy! Old dolls, skulls, birds hanging from the ceiling, weird art and pictures...

It's pretty dope and I hope i'm gonna be able to go back to take some pictures.

On another note, I hope you listened to the new Deftones single cause it's f***ing good!


* Leslie * said...

I have the first one and I adore it!

alice said...

Merci! Je suis nouvelle dans le monde des blogueuses donc j'ai un peu le stress des premiers jours =)